What you need to know about the Loans

What you need to know about the Loans



Loan and its indispensable requirement

Loan and its indispensable requirement

Well said in two words: Having the credit card, without being a holder of one of these cards you will not have the option to request a loan.

With being already a card holder of this type, already has enough data to attend to your request for money on loan because in the application of the card you have to submit a photocopy of your payroll or other type of proof that shows that you have Regular income to meet the expenses charged to your card.

The maximum amount of the credits they grant does not usually exceed 2000 euros, which is why many people use them to finance small expenses, vacations or similar.

The destiny of the money requested to loan is your thing and the financial one is not going to ask you explanations in what you are going to use the money.

If the loan is granted, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours, which is a bit longer than the one used by online loans, which is reputed to be the fastest in terms of loan processing. and the sending of money.

The well-known loans are managed by the company Oney (which also handles other credits and cards such as those offered by establishments as well as the card or the Simply card.

As you will be required to own one of these cards, I will explain the characteristics of this card.

It is a free card, without issuance or maintenance costs and you can make the payment of the purchase at the end of the month or postpone your payment with the addition of the interest that you will detail.

As part of Alcamo’s promotion of your card, being the owner of one of them allows you to access offers and discounts in an exclusive and preferred way.

It is common to find discounts of up to 25% on supermarket products but perhaps the most appreciated is that if you use the card when refueling you accumulate points and discounts.

Wedding loan – loans for any purpose under paid terms

A wedding, the birth of a new baby, a bar ceremony and other family celebrations are the essence of life. Every person, wherever he may be, sees family and business joys in a positive light, participates in them and expects all his relatives to come and take part in his events. However, the costs of such events are particularly high and can not always be met independently. A wedding loan and any other event, is a legitimate and important means of obtaining the necessary funding. What is a wedding loan actually? Where can I get a loan as stated above under the best conditions and most quickly? All answers in the following lines.

Wedding loan and incident coverage costs

Wedding loan and incident coverage costs

Every woman imagines her wedding day, and many women tend to plan in detail the big day, long before the decision was made on a wedding. What many tend to overlook is that even many men do the same, but are less likely to talk about it. A wedding loan is the usual way to finance the event and ensure its existence. Until recently, it was thought that the event would be funded by the gifts of the guests arriving. In recent years, however, various family events, including family weddings, have become particularly invested. As such, taking a loan for a wedding is a matter of necessity. Sometimes the parents of the groom or bride want to leave all the gifts in the possession of the happy couple, and to finance the event themselves through a loan.

Wedding loan and other loans

Wedding loan and other loans

A wedding loan , in contrast to taking loans and credit of various types, is taken for a specific purpose, on a specific day and time. There are cases where a loan of this kind is taken while distributing their returns and deployment over a long period of time. In other cases, however, a wedding loan is a time loan, the largest or even the whole of which closes in the days after the wedding, with the counting of gifts and closing the account with the hall owners, the music people, the lighting people and other professionals who accompanied the event itself.

If you are interested in taking a wedding loan according to needs and repayment ability, this is the right place for you. You should contact us now and the professionals of a quick loan will get back to you as soon as possible. They will find your past the most appropriate loan, and will help you all the way through to getting cash in your bank account and making the perfect event.

Fees for a real estate loan


The process of studying the loan application

The process of studying a home loan starts at the very first meeting with your banker. It will be responsible for establishing a simulation from the first elements that you provide.

If necessary, it will establish in a second time a more precise financing study which will constitute its doubt its proposal. If it catches your attention, it will then be responsible for gathering all the necessary documents for the risk analysis of your loan file by the commitments department .

The documents requested by this service concern both the acquisition of your home and your financial and heritage situation. Remember that you will need to provide:

  • Copy of the sales agreement
  • Last tax statement
  • Last 3 bank statements
  • Last 3 payslips
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of personal contribution
  • Copy of an identity document
  • In case of zero interest loan: copy of the lease and certificate of the owner indicating the dates of entry and exit.

A risk analyst will screen all elements of your application and determine if it is admissible.

In case of agreement, the bank will prepare a preliminary offer of loan that it will send you by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. You can return it after a reflection period of 11 days. This period starts from the day after receipt of the bank offer.

It is this work of analysis and publishing offers that justify the vast majority of charges levied by the bank .

A very variable amount from one bank to another

The amount of the costs of a credit file obviously depends on the banks to which you are addressing. Know that they can vary from single to triple.

The rule generally applied by most lenders is to take 1% of the loan , capped at a certain amount so as not to penalize those who borrow large amounts.

It can however be estimated that for an amount of € 150,000, an amount of € 600 constitutes a maximum.

Some exceptions concern subsidized loans such as the brand new with effect from 1 January 2013, the employer loanfor which the regulation imposes a total free charge .

Our advice

If financing costs have a smaller impact on the overall cost compared to other criteria such as the rate or insurance premiums, do not neglect this point, especially if you have a personal contribution and comfortable income.

Do not hesitate to negotiate the amount of the costs of your mortgage as you do for the other elements. A successful negotiation requires to discuss point by point his request.

We also advise you to compare the overall effective rates of each of the proposals made to you.